Tuesday, June 9, 2009

doing without t.v.

Years ago, my friend Candace told me about a summer when her family turned off the t.v. All summer long. No television. At all. I had been thinking about it ever since and two weeks ago mentioned the idea to my husband, Justin. I thought he would immediately say, "No way" and maybe add an, "Are you crazy?", just for effect. College baseball is on right now. I was wrong. He was all for it and a week later called DirectTV himself to suspend our service. 

The kids weren't thrilled when they got the news, but they accepted it with pretty good attitudes. So it's been a week now with no idiot box. We are still allowing DVDs. I do miss my cable news a little, but not as much as I thought I would. Don't worry, Megyn Kelly, I'll still be your biggest fan when I get back August 15th. I don't miss Zack and Cody or Carly and Sam AT ALL! Or the stupid yellow sponge with the box-shaped britches. I miss Hannah a tiny bit. We are reading books and doing puzzles. The kids are spending more time at the pool. It's like vacation. And sometimes the house is quiet.

So far, so nice.



  1. awesome! i am very interested in your no-TV summer. i daresay my partner would be a hard sell. he just bought another TV for our house. sigh.

  2. What a way to avoid the problems presented by the transition to digital tv ;)

    I wonder whether a summer without TV is a apples to apples comparison between our generation and this one. Is TV really that relevant anymore? What if you said to the kids, "This summer we'll have no computer or game console". Or, "No cell phone". Back in the day, TV was all we had.

  3. well hello there bitsy! found you through paige's blog. my dh would never go for the no-tv thing. i could probably get my girls to do it as long as i agreed to make art with them several hours a day instead. hope you guys are well! kelly

  4. I don't watch a lot of TV but I like a little bit too chill out.